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Dec 01, 2017 53m DE
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  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Crime

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A missing child causes four families to help each other for answers. What they could not imagine is that this mystery would be connected to innumerable other secrets of the small town.

Title Dark
First Air Date Dec 01, 2017
Last Air Date Jun 27, 2020
Episodes 26
Seasons 3
Companies Wiedemann & Berg Television
Keywords small town, cave, investigation, time travel, surrealism, nuclear power plant, time machine, cop, woods, mystery, priest, disappearance, time loop, incest, missing child, watchmaker, mysterious past, alternative timeline, family crisis
Louis Hofmann

Louis Hofmann

Jonas Kahnwald
Karoline Eichhorn

Karoline Eichhorn

Charlotte Dopple