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Midaq Alley

Midaq Alley

The most awarded film in Mexican history.
May 05, 1995 2h 20m
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Heated tempers, frustrated desires and dashed hopes plague a diverse group of individuals whose lives cross paths in Mexico City. There is the bar-owner's son, Chava, who yearns to emigrate to America. A poor barber, Abel, is madly in love with the gorgeous Alma, who eventually becomes a high-class prostitute. Finally, there is Susanita, the desperate spinster who pursues many love affairs in hopes of finding a husband.

Title Midaq Alley
Companies Alameda Films, Consejo Nacional para la cultura y las artes, Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía
Countries Mexico
Keywords mexico, prostitute, adultery, sexuality, based on novel or book, dream, pimp, gay parent, neighborhood